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Boards and Commissions - Board of Cemetery Trustees
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Seven members appointed to three-year terms by the Mayor, with advice and consent of the City Council.

Salary: $1,287 annually

Meetings: 3:30 p.m., Second Thursday of the month. Meetings at Swan Lake Cemetery.

Mr. Duane Mertl
term expires: 12-31-2020

Ms. Marianne Milcarek
term expires: 01-01-2022

Mr. Leonard Fedder
term expires: 12-31-2019

Ms. Virginia Keating
term expires: 12-31-2019

Mr. Paul Foreman
term expires:12-31-2020

Mr. Steve Janus
term expires: 12-31-2020

For more information on the city department that works with this board/commission, click here.