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Boards and Commissions - Commission for Women
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Important Information

The Commission shall be composed of nine (9) members.

Salary: No salary is paid to appointees for sitting on this board.

Meetings: The commission shall meet on a minimum quarterly basis and is subject to notice of such meetings pursuant to the Open Door Law of the State of Indiana.

Meetings will be at 5:00 p.m. on the 3rd Thursday of the month in the West Conference Room in City Hall.

Ms. Dalia Zygas
term expires: 12-22-2021
Mayor Appointment

Ms. Bonita Schaaf
term expires:12-22-2019
Mayor Appointment
Open Designation

Ms. Faye Moore
term expires:12-21-2019
Michigan City Chapter of NAACP Appointment

Ms. Nicole Coleman
term expires: 12-31-2022
City Council Appointment
Non-Profit Women's Issues

Ms. Kristina Isabelle
term expires:12-22-2019
Mayor Appointment

Ms. Jo Ann Engquist
term expires: 06-05-2022
League of Women Voters of LaPorte County Appointment

Ms. Albertine Allen
term expires: 12-21-2019
Community Advocates of Northern Indiana Appointment

Ms. Sharlene Livesay
term expires: 12-21-2020
Commission for Women Appointment

Ms. Casaundra “Kay” Hill
term expires: 12-21-2019
Council Appointment
Open Designation

Mr. Sean Fitzpatrick
City Council Liaison

If you need to contact the Women’s Commission, please email Dalia Zygas at: