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Boards and Commissions - Redevelopment Commission - Purpose of Commission
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The Michigan City Redevelopment Commission is a five-member board that oversees the City of Michigan City Department of Redevelopment. Established under state law, the Commission is empowered to clear, plan, and redevelop blighted areas and to undertake economic development in previously undeveloped or in developing areas within the city limits of Michigan City, IN.

The Redevelopment Commission's mission is to address conditions associated with (1) blight (in formally designated "redevelopment areas") and (2) the underutilization of land or barriers to development (in formally designated "economic development areas").

The Commission's $90,000 annual operating budget comes from earnings from investments, including investments derived from Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) revenues. This budget covers the cost of city staff, legal, and accounting services, and modest operating expenses. Redevelopment projects are paid for by TIF revenues, bond issues, and from invested funds.