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Boards and Commissions - Michigan City Tree Board
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Attention Tree Care Service Providers! Click here for an important message on license renewal.

Five Mayoral appointees, one Common Council appointee, and the Vector Control Officer.

Salary: $50 per meeting

Meetings: 6:00pm, First Wednesday of the month in the Mayor’s West Conference Room in City Hall

Mr. Michael Wulff
term expires: 12-04-2020
Mayor Appointment

Mrs. Connie Anderson
term expires: 08-01-2019
Mayor Appointment

Mr. William Ginther
term expires: 07-01-2021
Mayor Appointment

Ms. Melissa Mullins
term expires: at mayors pleasure
Vector Control Officer

Mrs. Barb Ginther
term expires: 07-01-2021
Mayor Appointment

Mrs. Laura Kalk
term expires: 08-01-2019
Mayor Appointment

Ms. Laura Henderson
term expires: 03-15-2020
Council Appointment
Neighborhood Association Representative

Mr. Johnny Stimley
Council Liaison

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Urban and Community Forestry - Natural Disasters


This is to advise you that in order to do work in the City of Michigan City, each year you must renew your City Arborist License. Licenses are good for one year and expire on December 31st.

You may obtain your license at the City Controller’s Office, City Hall, 100 East Michigan Boulevard, Michigan City, Indiana.  If you did not hold a license the previous year, the fee for a new license is $150.00.  The renewal fee for a license is $100.00.  You must provide proof of liability insurance (with the City of Michigan City Tree Board listed as certificate holder) at the time of application in the minimum amounts of $300,000 for bodily injury and $100,000 for property damage.  In order to chemically treat private and/or public trees, you must provide proof of State Chemical Application Certification.  You will note that you may not operate under another tree service’s license.  You have until March 31st of the renewal year to renew your license.  If you perform work prior to that date, please obtain your license in advance.  After March 31st a late fee of $200.00 will be assessed. 

Please be advised that Section 14 of the Tree Ordinance - Removal of Stumps and Other Debris, states all contractors are responsible for the removal and disposal of all debris from any tree pruning or removal they perform.

You will also note the Common Council adopted Ordinance #3814 Regulating Vehicle Identification Signs.  You may obtain a copy of that ordinance at the City Clerk’s Office in City Hall.

Tree Board Purpose

  • To fulfill the need that exists to regulate trees on City property and to ensure safety for the citizens of Michigan City.
  • To regulate trees within the right-of-way lines of all City streets and alleys to protect the public health and safety of all citizens traveling on City streets and alleys.
  • To protect trees from disease spread from tree to tree to maintain the health of public trees and private trees.
  • To promote and protect the public health, safety, and general welfare by providing for the regulation of the planting, maintenance, and removal of trees, shrubs, and other plants within the City of Michigan City, Indiana.
  • To promote the planting, maintenance, restoration, and survival of desirable trees, shrubs, and other plants within the City of Michigan City, Indiana, and to protect community residents from damage, caused or threatened by the improper planting, maintenance, or removal of trees, shrubs, or other plants located within the community.

Tree Board Duties and Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the Board to study, investigate, counsel, develop, and update annually and administer a written plan for the care, preservation, pruning, planting, replanting, removal, or disposition of trees and shrubs in parks, along streets or alleys, and in other public areas. Such plan will be presented to the City Council and upon their acceptance and approval shall constitute the official Comprehensive City Tree Plan for the City of Michigan City, Indiana. This plan is to be known as the “Urban Forest Management Plan”.

The Board, when requested by the City Council, the Board of Public Works and Safety, or the Mayor, shall consider, investigate, make finding, report, and recommend upon any special matter or question coming within the scope of its authority as detailed in this Ordinance.

The Board shall further establish educational and informational programs, pamphlets, and literature for dissemination to the public to assist the public in the proper care, preservation, pruning, planting, replanting, removal, or disposition of trees and shrubs within private property ownership of the citizens of the City of Michigan City, Indiana.

There shall be mutual cooperation between the Michigan City Tree Board and any other City Department, Board, Agency, or employee.

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