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City Departments - City Attorney - Mission
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The Michigan City Law Department consists of the Corporation Counsel, City Attorney and Deputy City Attorney. The Corporation Counsel directs the activities of the City Attorney and Deputy City Attorney along with the legal/administrative staff to serve the Mayor, the City Council, and various Boards and Commissions as they establish and administer policies and programs to benefit Michigan City residents. The Department's service takes on many forms, some of which include:

  • Supervising Legal Affairs
  • Serving as Legal Advisor to Various Departments
  • Approving City Contracts
  • Insuring the Legality and Form of City Contracts
  • Evaluating and Determining Course of Action for Municipal Litigation
  • Working with Outside Counsel
  • Reviewing Administration of Liability and Workman's Compensation Self-Insurance Programs
  • Drafting and Revising City Ordinances and Resolutions as Necessary
  • Enforcement and Prosecution of City Ordinances, including Code and Zoning