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Ride The Wave

Route 1

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Time (Est.) Street Bus Stop Location Direction Stop Announcement Key Points
:30 Washington St. *6th Street South Announcement  
    *7th Street      
:31 9th Street *Franklin St.   Announcement  
:32 Franklin St. *Green St.   Announcement  
    *Ripley St.      
    *Homer St.      
    *Barker Ave.      
    *Skwiat Legion Ave.      
    *Pytynia Pkwy. (Ames Field)   Announcement  
    *Earl Rd.      
    *Cool spring Ave.      
    *CVS   Announcement  
    *McDonlds Shelter      
    *Barker Rd./Al's Supermarket      
    *C & B Optical (IVY Tech)   Announcement  
    *St. John Rd.      
:38 St. John Rd. Marquette Mall   Announcement :38/1
:39 St. John Rd. No Stops      
:39 Franklin St. Alfred Ave. North    
    *Barker Rd./Al's Supermarket   Announcement  
    *Garrettson Pl.      
    *Coolspring Ave.   Announcement  
    *Gardena St.      
    *Arthur St. (Dairy Queen)   Announcement  
    *South St.      
    *Barker Ave.   Announcement  
    *Homer St.      
    *Ripley St.      
    *Detroit St.   Announcement  
:49 10th Street *Pine St.   Announcement  
:49 Pine Street *8th Street      
    *6th Street   Announcement  
:51 4th Street *Library   Announcement :51/2
    *Wabash St.      
:52 Wabash St. No Stops      
:53 US HWY 12 No Stops      
:54 Franklin St. *Galveston's (1st Driveway)   Announcement  
  (Washington Park) *Zoo Parking Lot   Announcement  
    Evelyn Barker Rd.      
    *Senior Center   Announcement  
:55 Lakeshore Dr. *Lake Ave. East Announcement  
:56 Washington Pk. Blvd. No Stops      
:58 Lake Hills Rd. Carter St.   Announcement  
    Loran Rd.      
:59  Loran Rd. Washington Park Blvd.   Announcement  
:00 Washington Pk. Blvd. No Stops      
  Liberty Trail *R & L. Pallets (2nd Driveway) North Announcement  
    *E. 8th St.      
    *Springland Ave.   Announcement  
:02 Springland Ave. *Carrol Ave. East    
    *Roeske Ave.      
:06 Karwick Rd. *Lakeland Estates South Announcement :06/3
    *Tryon Rd.   Announcement  
    *Martin Luther King Blvd.      
    *Sanders St.      
:09   *Karwick Plaza (Al's Supermarket) North    
    *19th Hole      
    *Odell St.      
    *Martin Luther King Blvd.      
    *Tryon Rd.   Announcement  
    *Lakeland Estates   Announcement  
:17 Springland Ave. *Springland Ave. West   :17/4
    *Roeske Ave.      
    *Carrol Ave.   Announcement  
    *Woodland Ave.      
    *Dickson St.      
    *Vail St.   Announcement  
:19 8th Street E Street   Announcement  
    *Miller St. (Blue Chip Casino)   Announcement :19/5
    *Union St.      
:20 Union St. No Stops      
  Cook St. No Stops      
  US HWY 12 No Stops      
  Michigan Blvd. No Stops    
:23 4th Street *Pine St.   Announcement  
    *Library West Announcement :25/6

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