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Ride The Wave

Route 3

  Time (Est.) Street Bus Stop Location Direction Stop Announcement Key Points
:30 Washington St. No Stops South Announcement  
:31 5th Street Franklin St. East    
    Pine St.      
    Michigan Blvd.      
:33 Michigan Blvd. 7th St.(Blvd Gardens)   Announcement :33/1
    8th St.      
    10th St.(Petti's)   Announcement  
    Poplar St.      
    Jackson St.      
    Woodland Ave.   Announcement  
    Esther St.      
:36 Carroll Ave. Broadway   Announcement  
:38 Fairfield Ave. Fas Pak      
:39 Holliday St. Carroll Ave. (South Shore Station)   Announcement :39/2
:40 Carroll Ave. Thomas St.      
:42 Michigan  Blvd. Calumet Ave. North Announcement  
    Woodland Ave.      
    Grace St.(Bus Shelter)   Announcement  
    School St.      
    Vail St.      
    10th St.   Announcement  
    8th St.      
    6th St.      
  4th St. Pine St. West    
:49   Library   Announcement :49/3
    Washington St.      
    Wabash St.      
:50 Wabash St. 6th St. South Announcement  
    7th St.      
:51 9th St. Washington St. East Announcement  
    Franklin St.   Announcement  
  Franklin St. Green St. South Announcement  
    Ripley St.      
    Barker Ave.   Announcement  
    Skwiat Legion (Salvation Army)      
:54   Pytynia Pkwy. (Ames field)   Announcement  
    Earl Rd.      
    Coolspring Ave.      
    CVS   Announcement  
    Chestnut St.      
    Barker Rd. (Al's Supermarket)   Announcement  
    C & B Optical (IVY Tech)   Announcement  
    St. John Rd.      
:58 St. John's Rd. Marquette Mall   Announcement :58/4
:59 St. John's Rd. Ohio St. East    
:01 Ohio St. Hearthside Bakery (at crosswalk) South Announcement  
    Village Rd.      
    Midwest (across from Garden Estates)      
    400 N./Kefir Rd.      
:04 400 N./Kieffer Rd. Bob Evans (driveway) East Announcement  
    Walmart   Announcement :06/5
:07 400 N./Kieffer Rd. Clarion Inn Hotel West Announcement  
:08 US HWY 421/Franklin St. Towne Center North    
    (Corner by Game Stop before turn)      
:09 Towne Center Chili's/Menard's   Announcement  
:13 Franklin St. Alfred St. North    
    Barker Rd. (IVY Tech)   Announcement  
    Garrettson Pl.      
    Coolspring Ave.   Announcement  
    Gardena St.      
    Arthur St. (Dairy Queen) North Announcement  
    South St.      
    Barker Ave.   Announcement  
    Ripley St.      
    Williams St.      
    Detroit St. (BP Gas Station)   Announcement  
:21 10th St. Pine St. East    
:22 Pine St. 8th St. North Announcement  
    6th St.      
:24 4th St. Library West Announcement :24/6

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