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City Departments - Fire Department
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Michigan City Fire Department
2510 East Michigan Boulevard
Michigan City, IN 46360
Phone: (219) 873-1440
Fax: (219) 873-1451

Dial 911 for Emergencies

The Michigan City Fire Department welcomes your questions, comments and complaints at

A Message from the Chief:

Welcome to the Michigan City Fire Department’s official website. The purpose of this website is to familiarize the public with the staff dedicated to providing emergency services to the citizens and visitors of our fair city.

In addition to fire protection, Michigan City Fire Fighters respond to medical emergencies and perform fire inspections on all businesses. Our public information department visits schools and community gatherings to promote fire prevention and education. We assist other agencies at seasonal special events to ensure public safety.  

Sit back and welcome to our city; enjoy all it has to offer!

Michigan City Fire Merit Commission Resources
Firefighter Application (PDF)
Michigan City Fire Merit Commission Recruiting Program Brochure (PDF)
General Fire Safety Resources
Cook with Caution (PDF)
Smoke Detectors Free of Charge (PDF)
Winter Fire Safety Tips (PDF)
Overview of Fireworks Law (PDF)
Special Medical Needs Communication Form (PDF)

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Michigan City Fire Department to ensure that citizens and visitors are protected from fire, medical emergencies and hazardous conditions that threaten to harm our community. This mission will be accomplished through a commitment to rigorous training, continuing education, and diligent enforcement of fire prevention measures. As professional firefighters, our community focus will concentrate on being role models for younger generations, while preserving the traditions of Courage, Pride, Honor, and Respect.

Fire Chief: Randy Novak

Chief Randy Novak has the responsibility of overseeing and directing all aspects of the Michigan City Fire Department. He continues to train and maintain all of his certifications in addition to the day-to-day operations of the department.

E-Mail Chief Novak at

Deputy Chief of Operations: Jeff Cox

Deputy Chief Jeff Cox has direct supervision over the daily operations of the Michigan City Fire Department.  The Department consists of four Divisions with 81 sworn personnel.  The Divisions include; the Emergency Operations Division, Training/Safety Division, Fire Investigation/Inspection Division and the Public Education/Information Division.

The Emergency Operations Division is the largest division and is responsible for fire suppression and providing non-transport basic life support services.  It is comprised of three Battalions and four Districts, staffing four Fire Stations.  These stations house one Command Vehicle, four Engine Companies, one Ladder Company and a Technical Rescue Unit.  There are three, 24 hour, Shifts that are supervised by a Battalion Chief and four Station Captains.

Along with responding to emergencies, Firefighters do continuing training to maintain certifications and skills as Firefighters, First Responders and Emergency Medical Technicians.  They perform carbon monoxide checks, building inspections, pre-plans, safety programs at area schools and offer blood pressure testing at each station.  Through the help of the Fire Fighters Union they continue to promote organizations such as the Burn Foundation and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Through continued dedication and commitment to service, the Michigan City Firefighters stand proudly ready to serve and protect the citizens of Michigan City.


Training Officer: Scott Kaletha

The Training/Safety Division is tasked with overseeing all departmental training. Subjects include, structural firefighting, rescue and medical training. All State and Federal training and safety requirements are addressed by this division. In addition, the Training Division assists in personnel evaluations and the hiring process.


Fire Marshal: Kyle Kazmierczak

The Fire Marshal is under general supervision from the Deputy Fire Chief, performs professional and technical work in the field of fire prevention for Michigan City Fire Department.

Holds responsibility for the fire Prevention division; enforces the provisions of the Fire Prevention code and the laws and regulations of Michigan City pertaining to fire prevention and fire protection. Has responsibility for the inspection of all buildings and premises in Michigan City in accordance with the provisions of the Fire Prevention Code. Reviews building and fire sprinkler plans to assure fire code requirements are met.

Investigates complaints received by the Fire Prevention Division; establishes and maintains comprehensive records of all business transacted such as complaints, inspections, investigations, notices served and permits written.

Investigates all fires to determine the origin and cause and makes reports to the Fire Chief. Supervises the training and activities of the Michigan City Fire Investigation Team. Provides information to the business community and the public upon request; attends, if possible, all off-duty fires.

Fire Marshall Resources
Annual Fire Inspection Survey (PDF) (Online Form)
Smoke Detector Rental Property ONLINE Registration
Smoke Detector Rental Property Registration Form (PDF)
Landlord / Tenant Smoke Detector Compliance Form
Ordinance #4020 Regulating Smoke Detectors For Rental Properties
Ordinance #4077 Regarding Key Box Emergency Access
Ordinance #4078 Regarding Fire Inspection Fees and Non-Emergency Medical Assistance Fees
Indiana Code 22-11-18 Regarding Smoke Detection Devices
Application For Amusement and Entertainment Permit

Public Information Officer: Tony Drzewiecki

The Public Information Officer (PIO) is responsible for all dissemination of news and information to the media and the public.  The duties of the Public Information Officer include:

  • Coordinates information for news personnel at the scene of incidents
  • Assist victims of incidents
  • Relays information to the news media on an on-call basis
  • Prepares  and distribute news releases
  • Educate Citizens in public safety and prevention through multi-media sources.
  • Visit schools and public venues to provide information and teach safety and prevention.

The duties of the Public Information Officer also include assisting in the Fire Marshal Office and in the Training Office.


Executive Secretary: Jenny Clouse

Jenny has been with the Michigan City Fire Department since July of 2017. Her duties include payroll, daily attendance, accounts payable and receivable, budgets, fire reports, fire department software, supplies and assisting all the members of the department and public.

Secretary: Sue Marz

Sue has been with the Michigan City Fire Department since March of 2018. Her duties include Fire Department Software, News Dispatch Reporting, Fire Reports, Claims, Special Projects and assisting all the members of the department and public.


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