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City Departments - Housing Authority - Section 8
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Private Housing Sector - 371 Vouchers

Rental Assistance to Qualified Families, Elderly, Disabled, Handicapped, and Singles


  1. Landlord must agree to participate in the Section 8 Program.
  2. Unit selected must meet HUD and Housing Authority quality standards.
  3. Landlord may use their own leases.
  4. Yearly inspection is performed.

Income: Very low
Section 8 Managers
Kathy Wilson
Ext. 336

Carolyn S. Combs
Ext. 338

(219) 872-7287
Rent: 30% of Adjusted Gross Income/Total Tenant Payment/Based also on payment standard
Security Deposit: Landlord's option, not to exceed one month's rent; tenant required to pay
Estimated wait time: 1 to 6 years

New! Section 8 Homeownership Program
Contact us for more information.