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City Departments - Refuse Department - Compost / Leaf Pickups
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Compost Pickups

Yard waste/compost pickups will begin Monday, May 8, 2017, and will continue through Friday, November 17, 2017. You may use 32 gallon size garbage cans, cardboard boxes, and/or paper bags. NO PLASTIC BAGS OR TOTERS may be used for compost pick-ups.  All compost pick-ups must be placed out on the curbside for removal and will not be picked up or removed from alleys. The resident will be responsible for getting their compost to the street. Listed below are the schedules for the regular trash pick-up and the corresponding pick-up day for the composting materials only.

Monday  Thursday
Tuesday     Friday
Wednesday Monday
Thursday   Tuesday
Friday     Wednesday

Leaf Pick Ups

Beginning on Monday October 22, 2018, City of Michigan City Departments will be picking up leaves in all areas of the city. Leaf pick-up will occur daily, Monday through Saturday, until all leaves are picked up. All residents are encouraged to rake, blow, and/or place their leaves near the street curb along the front of their property. Compost will also be picked up along with the leaves starting on October 22, 2018.

If citizens have branches that need to be picked up, you are asked to please call in your requests to the Central Service Department at 873-1500.

The Street Department and Sanitary District request that residents cooperate by following these rules:

❖ No plastic bags are to be used ❖ Branches, rocks and other debris must be kept out of the leaf piles ❖ Leaf piles should be loose in large piles in front of the property as close to the curb as possible, but away from the sewer drains and Fire hydrants. ❖ (NO TOTERS PLEASE)

NOTE* Leaves will not be picked up in the alleys.