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Lafayette/Barker Sewer Separation Study

Study Task Summary

  1. Data Collection for Existing Conditions
    • Obtain data and prepare an infrastructure map with accompanying database to illustrate:
      • Location and depth of existing sewer lines
      • Location and depth of existing water lines
      • Property lines and public right-of-way
  2. Storm Water Analysis
    • Identify watersheds in the project area.
    • Perform hydrologic and hydraulic calculations.
    • Calculate storm water flow rates throughout project limits.
    • Develop preliminary storm sewer sizing.
    • Evaluate impact on existing storm sewer network.
  3. Existing Sewer Analysis
    • Review existing combined sewers that will remain as sanitary sewers and identify recommended repair/rehabilitation work.
  4. Underground Infrastructure Improvement Analysis
    • With the information determined in Data Collection, Storm Water Analysis and Existing Sewer Analysis, review preliminary recommendations for infrastructure improvements with discussions on:
      • Anticipated annual funding levels
      • Estimated durations to complete various phases of construction
      • Sequencing of work elements
  5. Above Ground Infrastructure Improvements
    • Review streets not affected by needed underground infrastructure work to develop above ground infrastructure improvements by reviewing items such as:
      • Street condition
      • Current street widths
      • Existing sidewalk condition and sufficiency
      • Tree inventory
      • Landscape improvements
  6. Anticipated Schedule
    • 5 to 6 months

Click here to view the Lafayette/Barker Scope Map.

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