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New Traffic Patterns in Uptown Arts District Take Effect mid-June

New traffic patterns within the Uptown Arts District will take effect the week of June 13, 2016. Pine Street and Washington Street will convert from one-way traffic to two-way traffic between 11th Street and 2nd Street. Likewise, 9th Street will convert to two-way traffic from Wabash Street to Pine Street. Lastly, Franklin Street between 2nd Street and Washington Park Bridge will be reconfigured for two-way traffic.

The week after Memorial Day Weekend through the conversion the week of June 13th, you will see efforts being made to get ready for the new traffic pattern. The week after Memorial Day there will be intermittent lane restrictions as the striping contractor lays out the new striping on 9th Street from Wabash to Pine Street; on Washington and Pine Streets from 11th Street to Franklin Street (north of City Hall). The week of June 6th, traffic will be restricted to one lane on Pine and Washington Streets, with no street parking available. This is due to the large amount of striping that is required for the new traffic pattern. Please be patient and bear with us as we wrap this project up.

The Michigan City Redevelopment Commission set out to improve the safety and lane-configurations within the Uptown Arts District as part of the ongoing revitalization efforts in Michigan City. The two-way street conversion will improve the flow of traffic and improve connectivity throughout the area.

“The new configurations will provide people will multiple options to get between the area’s train stations, parks, restaurants and businesses, which will increase the flow of traffic,” said Brad Minnick, Senior Project Engineer for the project’s design firm, Primera Engineers. “More importantly, the reconfigured lanes are narrower than the previous lanes which is designed to reduce speeds and help improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike.”

The street conversion project also includes improved streetscaping with new pedestrian and high-mast lighting, traffic signage and signals. New LED flashing stop signs will help alert residents and out-of-town visitors of the new configurations throughout the transition period. Planning for the project began in early 2015 and it is anticipated that the project will be complete by mid-summer.

New Traffic Patterns in Uptown Arts District Take Effect mid-June

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Michigan City In Bloom Floral Contest

The Michigan City in Bloom Committee announces the seventh annual Michigan City In Bloom Floral Contest. This year’s contest includes the following categories: Small Business (25 or less employees), Large Business (25 or more employees), Residential Garden, Residential Container Garden, Residential Environmental (natural plantings), Non-profit/government agency, Schools, and Churches.

Points will be awarded for the following 5 categories:

  • Tidiness
  • Floral Display
  • Harmony
  • Balance of display
  • Landscape components
  • Use of city flower(daylily) and city rose (nearly wild rose)

Applications will be available at the Parks & Recreation Dept. (City Hall), Michigan City Public Library, LaPorte County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Michigan City Senior Center, Botanic Friendship Gardens, and online by clicking here.

Completed applications are due by June 23 at the Michigan City Parks & Recreation office, located at City Hall, 100 E Michigan Blvd, Suite 2, Michigan City, Indiana  46360. Judging will take place on June 27 & 28. The Michigan City in Bloom Awards will be distributed on July 8. Participants must be a civil city resident.

For more information on the contest or to join the Michigan City in Bloom Committee, please contact Mary Rooney at with subject line “MC In Bloom”, or call the Michigan City Parks & Recreation Department at 873-1506.

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Special Programs at Barker Mansion

Volunteer Tour Guide Training at Barker Mansion
Learn how to lead tours of the historic mansion on Monday May 23, from 4PM to 6:00PM. RSVP to

The Barker Mansion is located at 631 Washington Street in Michigan City, IN. The 38-room mansion was built by freight car industrialist and philanthropist John H. Barker in 1905. Cost is $5 per adult and $2 per child. Reservations are not necessary. Visit for details.

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MIDTOWN Neighborhood Plan

The Midtown Neighborhood of Michigan City is in the process of deciding what it needs to do to strengthen the neighborhood. The area for consideration is 11th Street to the north, the railroad tracks near Ames Field to the south, the railroad tracks west of Ohio Street to the west and Poplar/Tilden Streets to the east.

The Indiana Association for Community Economic Development and the City of Michigan City are serving as facilitators in this planning process which started last fall.

Out of the Visioning Session held in January came five key topics – Recreation, Housing, Business (including nightlife), Infrastructure, and Identity. Working groups of resident/business/non-profit/city volunteers are now being formed to focus on each of the five key topics. The five working groups will formulate and prioritize goals and create action items for the implementation plan for the Midtown neighborhood.

If you consider Midtown your home – whether by living/working/owning property/etc. in the neighborhood – please take a look at the upcoming schedule and sign-up for a working group if you can commit yourself to the meeting times for the working group in which you feel you would be most helpful to serve.

All meetings will be in St. Francis Hall (basement of hospital) unless noted otherwise.

RECREATION Working Group
The following four Wednesdays from 5:30pm til 6:30pm
April 13, April 27, May 11 and May 25

HOUSING Working Group
The following four Wednesdays from 6:30pm til 7:30pm
April 13, April 27, May 11 and May 25

BUSINESS (including nightlife) Working Group
The following four Wednesdays from 7:30pm til 8:30pm
April 13, April 27, May 11 and May 25

The following four Thursdays from 5:30pm til 6:30pm
April 14, April 28 (room booked, meeting at City Hall), May 12 and May 26

IDENTITY Working Group
The following four Thursdays from 6:30pm til 7:30pm
April 14, April 28 (room booked, meeting at City Hall), May 12 and May 26

Jessica Gage, Assistant City Planner, is compiling the lists of working group participants. Please email her at with your working group selection should you be interested in helping to strengthen the Midtown Neighborhood.

Click here for the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet, provding additional information before signing up.

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Seasonal Storms Pave Way for Scammers

Unfortunately, LaPorte County has had a crazy Spring storm season. Wind, hail, snow and rain damage may put many people in the market for home repair services this time of year. But when storms roll through, scammers are not far behind. If your home or property has been damaged, beware of home improvement scammers who may be looking to prey on your situation and swindle you into paying for inferior, overpriced or unneeded work.

When someone’s home or property is damaged, they often need the work done immediately to avoid further harm. Out-of-state contractors that swing into town and offer work right then and there can be appealing, but this can also be risky.

"Storm Chasers" show up at the perfect time and pull one over on desperate homeowners. If you don’t take the time to research the best company, you may be left with a leaky roof and a hole in your pocke! Iit is always better to contract with an established local business who can back up and guarantee their workmanship.

Door-to-door home repair scammers victimize people by urging immediate action or offering tempting discounts so that the customer doesn’t have time to fully evaluate the contract or the company. Be cautious of anyone offering to “help you with your insurance claim”. Call your homeowner insurance company yourself.

Here are some helpful tips to avoid a home improvement scam:

  • Take your time. Don’t let the contractor rush your decision.
  • Do your research. Know how much you can afford and what you want done.
  • Get multiple price quotes from different contractors.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General’s Office to see if complaints have been filed against the contractor.
  • Check to make sure the contractor is locally licensed, bonded and insured. A performance bond provides the most direct protection for the consumer. Bonds that cover municipal code compliance may be helpful, but would not offer direct monetary recovery for an aggrieved consumer.
  • Opt for the local, well-established contractor rather than the door-to-door "storm chaser".
  • Get a contract in writing that details what work is to be done and when it will be finished.
  • If the contractor came to your door unsolicited, ensure you receive a notice from the contractor of your ability to cancel the contract within three days for a full refund before signing any contract.
  • Never pay for the entire project before the work begins. Do not pay more than a third of the total cost as a down payment.

As always, if you feel that you have been scammed or someone is attempting to cheat you, please contact Sgt. Chris Yagelski at 219-873-1461 ext. #333 or email

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Identity Thieves try to get Your Tax Refund

During tax season, scammers, rip-off artists and other unscrupulous people are looking to get their hands on your tax refund.

Tax scams are so prevalent in part because fraudsters have become highly skilled at making their offers or emails seem genuine. You can avoid falling victim to tax fraud and make sure your tax refund isn't stolen by watching out for the following methods people use to try to scam you.

1. Identity Theft
It's the No. 1 scam on the IRS Dirty Dozen list. One of the first things scammers do is steal your personal information, such as your Social Security number, to file a false tax return under your name or ID. Taxpayers usually don't discover they've fallen prey to this until after they file their real tax returns and the IRS informs them that a return with their identification information has already been filed. If this happens to you, your tax return might now be in someone else's possession, and your information could be vulnerable to other fraudulent activities. Although the IRS has adopted safeguards to protect against fraudulent tax returns and ID theft, you can protect yourself by never divulging your Social Security, credit card or tax information to anyone who isn't a licensed tax professional or certified financial advisor or to a legitimate service for e-filing your tax return.

Click here for five other ways that thieves are trying to get your money, and your personal information - and how to keep it all safe, provided by the Michigan City Police Department.

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Mayor Announces Progress with Floodway Mapping Issue Affecting Residents near Gardena Park

Mayor Meer is pleased to announce that the City has recently moved one step closer to revising the Floodplain boundary of the existing Cheney Run Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) that is affecting many residents near Gardena Park. On February 15, 2016, the City received formal approval from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) on the City’s proposed revised Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) and Flood Insurance Study (FIS). The new proposed Floodplain boundary shows a significant reduction in the overall size of the Cheney Run Floodplain. The bulk of this work is being performed by the City’s consultants, Haas and Associates, Michigan City and Smith Group JJR, Madison, Wisconsin.
The next step in the process will be to submit the proposed revised FIRM and new FIS flood model and analysis of the Cheney Run Special Flood Hazard Area to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for their review and consideration. The Mayor is hopeful that FEMA will agree with IDNR and approve the revised FIRM. The Mayor is asking for all residents to remain patient as the FEMA review and anticipated approval is expected to take at least six months.

If the new floodplain map is approved by FEMA, most property owners affected by the current Cheney Run Floodplain mapping boundary would see a reduction in premium and, in many cases, complete elimination of the requirement for flood insurance policies.

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Envision Washington Park

Envision Washington ParkMichigan City Parks & Recreation recently launched ENVISION WASHINGTON PARK. This is a community-based planning process to create a new master plan for Washington Park. Get involved and help envision a better Washington Park!

As part of the Park Department Master Plan, the Board and Staff are developing a Washington Park Master Plan, which will provide recommendations for improvements over a five-year period. Washington Park is the biggest and best-positioned lakefront in the region, serving the Chicago and Indianapolis metropolitan areas and everyone in between. As the centerpiece of the Lake Michigan Gateway, opportunities exist to create a world class, eco-recreation destination and catalyze development within the downtown Michigan City area. By planning for the future of Washington Park, the Board and Staff aim to create a regional destination that fosters year-round recreation opportunities, enriching programs and events, and improves the quality of life for residents, visitors and future generations.


We are looking forward to a great community conversation on the revitalization of Washington Park through the 2016 Master Plan process!

Click here for a printable flyer (PDF).

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4-Way Stop Becomes Permanent

The City of Michigan City would like to make our citizens aware that the temporary stop signs that were installed on Lake Shore Drive, at the corner of Krueger Ave., during the Franklin Street Bridge painting project, will remain in place.

At their November 16th meeting, the Michigan City Board of Public Works and Safety voted unanimously in favor of making the stop signs, located on eastbound and westbound Lake Shore Drive at the corner of Krueger Ave., and the exit to Fedder’s Alley (Ontario Street) permanent.

With the curves on Lake Shore Drive at this intersection producing less than ideal site lines, these new stop signs will allow motorists coming out of Fedder’s Alley and also those coming off of Krueger Hill, more safety as they enter onto either eastbound or westbound Lake Shore Drive.

In addition, a “stop ahead” sign will be placed on eastbound Lake Shore Drive, west of the intersection.

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Michigan City Launches Official Social Media Presence

Four new social media pages launching today will provide new ways to interact with and promote the community. Each one will offer a different experience and a different way to show off “#myMichiganCity.”

Initiated by the Michigan City Redevelopment Commission, these pages will support local businesses, bolster economic development, create awareness and excitement for local events, and foster a strong online community. The effort will build on interest already generated by existing Michigan City social media presences, such as the Facebook pages of the Uptown Arts District, the Parks and Recreation Department, and many others.

Don Babcock, Vice President of the Michigan City Redevelopment Commission said, “The Redevelopment Commission is investing tens of millions of dollars to help revitalize our great city. A critical part of that effort is to help existing and new businesses thrive. This initiative will help build pride in our community and help sustain our momentum for the next generation.”

The four pages will consist of two separate Facebook pages, an Instagram account, and an official city LinkedIn page. The Discover Michigan City Facebook page will promote local businesses, events, and accomplishments. The Michigan City Resident Updates page will be home to announcements relevant to Michigan City residents. The Discover Michigan City Instagram account will share photos focused on food and drink, arts and culture, as well as great shopping and events. The LinkedIn page will build the City’s image as an excellent place to do business, reaching the professional community in and outside the City. Readers may “like” and “follow” the pages by visiting these links online.

A 16-member Social Media Advisory Council has overseen development of the social media launch and will oversee the content posted to each page. City Councilman and Social Media Advisory Council member Richard Murphy said, “We can bring the stunning visual imagery of our natural resources, the energy of the renaissance occurring in arts and culture in our downtown, and the many positive community efforts we have going on across our city right now to create a powerful online presence that will help Michigan City economically, and improve its image to residents and visitors alike.”

In the coming weeks, workshops will be announced to help businesses and organizations optimize their use of social media, support each other’s efforts online, and promote the City in general.

#myMichiganCity Program Offers Discounts & Prizes

The #myMichiganCity program will promote local businesses and encourage participation from residents and visitors alike. Social media users who post using the #myMichiganCity hashtag, and “check in” or “mention” specific businesses on any social network may earn discounts at participating businesses, plus enter for a chance to win prizes. Julia Nielsen, a Social Media Advisory Council member, says, "We look forward to supporting the City's new social media campaign and are excited to be a part of such an excellent community."

Nielsen's eclectic boutique, The Closet by Franklin Vintage, will offer a 10% discount as part of the program. Other participating businesses include Arturo’s Baked Goods & More, Burn ‘Em Brewing, Hoity-Toity, The Great Escape Spa & Art Shop, At The Beach Swimwear Boutique, Finders Keepers Consignment LLC, Threadbenders Quilt Shop, Maple City Roasters, Urban Soles Inc, and Beach Bum Jewels.

Residents and visitors using the #myMichiganCity hashtag anywhere in the City may also enter for a chance to win prizes, including a $50 gift card for Lighthouse Premium Outlets, a one-year family membership to the Lubeznik Center for the Arts, a one-night stay at Blue Chip Casino Hotel & Spa, a complimentary wine tasting for six with Perfect Pairing appetizers at Shady Creek Winery, and two VIP Passes for the Great Lakes Grand Prix provided by the LaPorte County Convention & Visitors Bureau. The drawing entry form is online at

Any business can join the program at any time by visiting To help businesses advertise their incentives, customizable, printable table tents are also available for download at the website.

Help spread the word about our great city! Use #myMichiganCity to show your civic pride. Follow, like, and interact on the Michigan City Resident Updates Facebook page, Discover Michigan City Facebook page, Discover Michigan City Instagram page, and The City of Michigan City LinkedIn page.

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Art Scholarships Available

The Michigan City Public Art Committee has established a scholarship fund to assist Michigan City children in taking art instruction. Visual art classes or individual art instruction for qualified children between 5 and 18 years of age will be funded. The maximum grant request per individual is $200. Funds will be available for instruction in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, collage, crafts such as beading, mosaic work and weaving, art camps or any combination of these taught by a legitimate instructor. The committee will not fund music, writing, dance, or drama instruction.

Applicants must show financial need and take instruction from an art provider located in the Michigan City city limits. The deadline for applying is at least 30 days before the instruction is scheduled to start.

Click here for Scholarship Guidelines and Application. Applications are also available at the LaPorte County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Marquette Mall, 4073 S. Franklin St., Michigan City, IN. Or, the application can be emailed to you. Submission can be made to Jane Daley at the location or you can email her at:

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Changes to Hand Gun Permit Process

The Michigan City Police Department is announcing that changes have been made to the hand gun permit process due to recent implementation by the Indiana State Police. Those interested in obtaining an application must do so on-line via the Indiana State Police website, which is located at or at the Michigan City Police Department website at

For additional information, please click here.  

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Mid-Town Grant Program Announced

The Michigan City Urban Enterprise Association announces their Mid-Town Grant program.

There is a new grant program for Mid-Town district businesses located on Franklin Street from 11th Street to Coolspring.  The purpose is intended to promote visual improvements, historic preservation, structural integrity, boost the quality of product and enhance the customer experience.  It can be used for exterior and interior rehabilitation of the building or machinery and equipment used in the business.

The Michigan City Urban Enterprise Association will reimburse 60% of eligible costs up to $2,500.

Please contact Executive Director, Diane Wilczewski at 219-561-6991 or email at for an application.

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Michigan City Crime Map

A crime mapping tool used by law enforcement agencies across Northwest Indiana to track and solve everything from car break-ins to homicides can now be accessed online by the public. Michigan City's crime data is now part of the Regional Crime Report available online at Click here to access the Crime Report online for Michigan City.

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Looking for Information on the Michigan City Lake Michigan Gateway Implementation Strategy?

Are you seeking more information on the Michigan City Lake Michigan Gateway Implementation Strategy? Click here to learn more from the Hitchcock Design Group, the team commissioned by the City to design the implementation strategy.

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Cheney Run Floodplain

Mayor Meer has made available the following documents related to the Cheney Run Floodplain:

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City of Michigan City and Artspace Advance Uptown Artspace Lofts Project With Tax Credit Award

Michigan City, Indiana has received the long awaited news regarding federal tax credits for the Michigan City Artspace project. And it’s good news!

The Uptown Artspace Lofts at the Warren Building project was awarded an estimated $10 million dollars of federal tax credits that will move the project into the construction stage later this year.  

The proposed project will be a full historic renovation of 44 affordable artist live-work spaces and commercial retail and gallery space.

A team made up of representatives of the national non-profit developer Artspace, working side by side with Michigan City officials, received the news Thursday morning at an Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority meeting.

“This award confirms what we have believed throughout this journey, that Michigan City, Indiana is the next great economic opportunity on Lake Michigan,” Mayor Ron Meer said upon hearing the news.

“I would like to thank Governor Pence, Lt. Governor Ellspermann, and the IHCDA for this award of tax credits and for recognizing the important revitalization opportunities in downtown Michigan City,” Meer said.  Meer was also quick to point out help from State Senator Jim Arnold who continues to be a strong advocate for downtown Michigan City.

“This was a team effort. We are beaming with pride in Michigan City to be the first Artspace project in the State of Indiana,” Meer continued.

The project will infuse an estimated $12 million dollars in funds to redevelop the iconic Warren Building, a six story vacant structure on historic Michigan City’s main downtown thoroughfare, Franklin Street.

Councilman Tim Bietry made the initial call to invite Artspace to Michigan City in 2008, which led to a pre-development contract with Artspace, the largest non-profit developer of artist spaces in the country.

A City team that included Bietry, Mayor Ron Meer, former Mayor Chuck Oberlie, Redevelopment Commission President Ken Behrendt, Councilman Rich Murphy, and City Planning Director Craig Phillips worked with Artspace representatives for more than three years to achieve the tax credit award.

Bietry said on Thursday, “This is an example of what can be achieved when talented people who want the best for their community step forward and work together.”

Artspace President Kelley Lindquist acknowledged the very competitive process for obtaining the tax credits.

“With 44 tax credit applications filed and only 15 funded in this round, we’re thrilled to be able to move to the next step in this process and grateful to the IHCDA for recognizing the value of this project,” Lindquist said. “We’re proud to be part of Michigan City’s commitment to redevelop downtown and are confident that this project and the arts will contribute greatly to those efforts.”

For additional project details, click here (PDF).

About Artspace
Artspace is the nation’s leader in artist-led community transformation, with 35 projects in operation across the country and another dozen in development, representing a unique, $600 million investment in America’s arts infrastructure. With headquarters in Minneapolis and offices in Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Seattle and Washington D.C., Artspace is America’s leading developer of arts facilities and has served as a consultant to hundreds of communities and arts organizations nationwide. To date we have completed nearly 2,000 affordable live/work units for artists and their families as well as more than a million square feet of non-residential space for artists and arts organizations. Additional information is available at

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Texting and Driving - $150.00 FINE - A Simple Explanation

Cell phone use - especially texting - has become so ingrained in society that far too many people ignore the NO TEXTING AND DRIVING LAW.

The Michigan City Police are noticing more and more of this on a regular basis and now with the busy shopping season and fast approaching dangerous driving weather upon us and we are warning citizens of not only the dangers yet the fact that citations will be issued.

57 percent of Americans view their cellphones as key to their social life, and most view texting as a vital feature. Yet to mix this activity with driving is statistically extremely dangerous.

  • Five seconds is the average time a driver’s eyes are off the road while texting. When traveling 55 mph that is enough time to cover the length of a football field.
  • In 2011, at least 23 percent of auto collisions involved cell phones, equaling 1.3 million crashes.
  • At any given daylight moment across America, about 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving. IC 9-21-8-0.5 

Specifically, the Indiana distracted driving law  (IC 9-21-8-59) prohibits drivers from typing a text message, transmitting the message or reading an electronic mail message. This also means all drivers regardless of age are prohibited from texting or surfing on the internet even when stopped for a traffic light.

Cell Phones
Drivers under 18 – are prohibited from using cell phones (handheld or hands-free) while driving. PERIOD

All Indiana drivers NO MATTER WHAT AGE are prohibited from texting while driving

How is it Enforced?
Indiana’s cell phone and texting laws are considered “primary” laws. A primary law means that an officer can pull you over for the offense without having to witness some other violation. That is, the officer sees you texting and can pull you over immediately and issue a citation. The citation will cost you $150.00 and is tripled in a construction zone!

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Uptown Arts District Façade Improvement Applications Now Available

The Michigan City Uptown Arts District Façade Improvement Program through the Redevelopment Commission is designed to promote the continued use and maintenance of commercial and residential buildings in the downtown/Uptown Arts District area. It is intended to help property owners and commercial tenants to rehabilitate and restore the visible exterior of existing structures. Improvements must meet criteria for appropriateness of design.

For complete program information and application, please click here (PDF).

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Michigan City Animal Control Seeks Volunteers

The Michigan City Animal Control Division would like to announce a new volunteer program that will encompass Kennel duties located at Michigan City’s Central Maintenance on the west side.  Some of the duties will include, but not limited to feeding of cats and dogs and cleaning the kennel if required.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and have their own transportation.  You can find the Application and Waiver forms at under the Animal Control tab and the Michigan City Police Department’s Facebook page.  Applications and Waivers will also be available at the front desk of the police department.  Once the forms are completed, please turn them in at the Michigan City Police Department for review, you will be contacted shortly thereafter.

Click here for Dog/Cat Kennel - Michigan City, Indiana Volunteer Application (PDF)

Click here for Dog/Cat Kennel - Volunteer Waiver And Release (PDF)

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Streetlight Outage Reporting

Mayor Ron Meer, in conjunction with NIPSCO, would like to inform the public of an online option available to them in reporting a streetlight outage. is an interactive website designed to allow the public an easier, faster, and much more efficient means of reporting a streetlight outage.  When a person accesses the website, they can report a streetlight outage with just three simple steps. 

Mayor Meer asks the public to please utilize this method of reporting when possible.  This website will eliminate steps in the reporting process and generate an immediate online report directly to NIPSCO.  However, for those who do not have internet access, you are encouraged to please call Central Services at 873-1500.  Central Services will then enter and submit the information on your behalf.

Mayor Meer would like to thank you for your help.  A well lit Michigan City is a safer and more appealing place for both our citizens and visitors.

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Indiana CLEAN Community Challenge

The Indiana Comprehensive Local Environmental Action Network (CLEAN) Community Challenge is a voluntary recognition program for local Indiana government. CLEAN helps communities take steps to plan, develop, and implement a quality of life plan. This plan includes gathering input and support from the community and local businesses.

Michigan City was awarded the status of a “CLEAN” community effective December 19, 2007.

To review Michigan City’s Quality of Life Plan and status of our existing projects go to

For questions on our local please contact:

Charlie Cate, Stakeholder Committee Leader
(219) 833-7591

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Indiana CLEAN

Free Prescription Drug Card Program

As a resident of Indiana, you and your family have access to a FREE Prescription Drug Card program. Simply download your Prescription Drug Card here to receive savings of up to 75% at more than 50,000 national and regional pharmacies. You may create as many cards as you need. Participating pharmacies include the following: Target, Kmart, CVS/pharmacy, Walgreens, Meijer, Kroger as well as thousands of independent pharmacies.

Discounts range in price from 10-70% but average about 30%. It is NOT's a membership program, but like insurance you get a card that you show at the pharmacy and they can calculate your discount.

For people with insurance or Medicare, this can work with them as well. Because it is NOT insurance, members would be able to see if they get a better price with their existing insurance or with the card. Usually, the co-pay through insurance will be better, but not always. So having the card could be helpful even to people that already have insurance. (Not to mention many individuals and businesses are going to high deductible plans that don't cover prescriptions.)

This benefit is sponsored by United Networks of America a national healthcare company in conjunction with a consortium of the pharmaceutical companies. This exact program has launched successfully in 30 states over the last 2 years. UNA expects the program to discount over 20,000,000 prescriptions in 2009 for tens of millions of American families when they need help the most.

The membership program may not meet everyone’s need but offers an inexpensive alternative for many. Click here for frequently asked questions about the program.

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Do You Have Special Medical Needs? Let The Fire Dept. Know!

The Michigan City Fire Department is in the process of gathering information on adults and children in the community who have special medical needs. Fire Chief Dave Lamb urge families who use medical care aids such as cardiac monitors, ventilation devices, feeding tubes, wheel chairs, or any other such devices for sustaining the life and health of a family member, to complete this form. Please click here to view and print the form. It then needs to be forwarded to the Fire Department. This form should also be used for community members who are non-ambulatory and would require assistance in leaving their homes in an evacuation situation.

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Are You In Compliance With City Trash Regulations?

Setting out your weekly trash pickup may seem like a fairly simple mundane task. However, have you considered if you are actually doing so in accordance with city trash regulations? Are you using city trash containers --- or just placing bags along the curb? If you are using trash containers, great! But are they in compliance with city trash regulations? Are you remodeling a home or building a new one? If you are, what are you doing with the construction rubbish?

  • According to the City Code, it shall be the duty of every person owning or leasing a residence or place of business in the City wherein garbage accumulates to maintain in a clean and odor free condition a cart provided by the City.
  • The only container that may be used must be a cart that the City will supply.
  • All garbage, trash or rubbish which accumulates shall be deposited in either a cart or dumpster.  The lid to every cart and dumpster shall be kept on and closed at all times, other than when placing items in them.
  • Plastic garbage bags with tight-fitting tie closures may be used, but shall be placed inside either a cart or dumpster.
  • All carts must be put out for collection by 7:00 a.m. on the day scheduled for their collection with the arrows located on the carts pointing out toward the street or alley from which collection is made.  All carts must have open access for the trash collectors to retrieve them.
  • For street-side pickup, carts shall be set out no more than 24 hours prior to the usual time of collection and shall be removed within 24 hours after collection.
  • At no time shall the cart be moved from its assigned address.
  • The Refuse Department must be contacted at 873-1530 for special pick-up at the normal collection location of all large items that cannot fit within the cart.
  • The two-wheeled cart Toters are to be used for trash only and they are not to be used for construction materials or compost.

If you're unfamiliar with city regulations on trash containers and construction waste, are curious about what it looks like to be in compliance and not in compliance with the recently revised city trash regulations, or have any questions about city trash regulations, compliancy, or trash pick-ups, click here to learn more.

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Rental Property Smoke Detector Enforcement

The City of Michigan City and the Michigan City Fire Department have begun the implementation of recently enacted Michigan City Ordinance #4020, which regulates smoke detectors for rental properties.

The Fire Department Administration would like to remind all owners of rental property in Michigan City that a two-step process has been enacted to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of Michigan City.  First of all, all residential rental units shall be equipped with smoke detectors.  And secondly, a registration requirement has been enacted stating that owners of property which is used as residential rental dwelling units or contains a rental dwelling unit are required to register all such properties with the Michigan City Fire Department.

The passage of Ordinance #4020 included an initial 45-day registration period and owners who have not yet registered their properties should do so immediately.  After this initial registration period following the passage of the Smoke Detectors for Rental Properties Ordinance earlier this year, owners shall be required  to register all such properties on an annual basis, by January 31st of each year.  Additionally, for new owners of rental property at any point throughout the year, registration is required within 30 days of becoming an owner of the real property to be used as residential rental property or rental dwelling units.

Rental property smoke detector registration forms can be obtained electronically over the internet at, or they can be obtained in person from the Fire Department Administrative Office at 2510 East Michigan Boulevard.

Anyone with questions regarding smoke detectors for rental properties can contact Kyle A. Kazmierczak, Division Chief of Inspections, at (219) 873-1453 or Jeff Santana, Assistant Inspector, at (219) 873-1440.         

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Michigan City Noted as Top City for Affordability

Michigan City has been identified by as one of the state's top cities for affordable property taxes.

Compared to other communities which are similar in size and diversity to Michigan City, our community is in the top 12% of communities regarding affordable property taxes, top 17% of affordable rent. Compared to all communities in the state, Michigan City rates in the top 14% of short commute times.

The website page dedicated to Michigan City,, lists many other demographic statistics, including politics, wealth, ancestry, commute and sprawl, housing, crime and climate.

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