Youth Leadership Commission

The Youth Leadership Commission consists of nine members, appointed to two-year terms. Three members are appointed by the Common Council. Two members shall initially be for only one year and one must be a current Marquette High School student nominated by the student government organization and one must be a member of, and nominated by, a Michigan City community organization. A community organization wishing to nominate one of its members for appointment shall submit a letter to the Common Council stating why that organization should be selected by the Common Council as the community organization whose nominee should be considered plus why the organization’s nominee should be appointed, including how the nominee has demonstrated community involvement and leadership qualities. One member is appointed by the Human Rights Commission of Michigan City. One member is appointed by the Commission on the Social Status of African American Males. One member is appointed for one year only. One member is appointed by the Youth Leadership Commission.

To be eligible to serve as a member, the individual must live in the Michigan City area and, at the time of their appointment, have demonstrated community involvement and leadership qualities. The President of the Common Council shall appoint a Council member as a non-voting liaison to the Commission.

Current Members

Katherine Doperalski
Youth Commission appointment

Charity Smith
Community Organization - Lubeznik Center

Christopher Lane
Human Rights Commission appt.

Travon Moore
Council appt. (Marquette High School)

Term Expires 06-01-2021

Alexis Reynolds
Women’s Commission appointment

Alicia Pozos
Mayor appt.

Brandon Thompson
Council appt.

Term Expires 06-01-2022

Gabe Galvin
Mayor appt.