Washington Park Zoo

Collage of Zoo creatures

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Mission: In all aspects of the Washington Park Zoo’s exhibits, programs, facilities and activities, we hope to inspire an appreciation, respect and connection for the natural world through Conservation, Education and Recreation.

The Washington Park Zoo founded in 1928, encompasses 15 acres on a hilly sand dune and located near the southern shore of beautiful Lake Michigan. The zoo exhibits more than 90 species originating throughout the world. The animals are exhibited in natural settings, surrounded by botanical plantings. Among the exhibits are Bengal tigers, Cotton top tamarins, American alligators, Grizzly bear, Grey Wolves, Ring-tailed lemurs, River otters, Bald eagles, and more.

Other zoo highlights include the Discovery Center that exhibits some of our cold-blooded creatures including lizards, snakes, and frogs. The Australian Adventure which is a walk through aviary featuring over 250 colourful free flying parakeets and the Red Barn Exhibit housing the miniature domestic horses, donkeys, pigs, and goats. The zoo also has many unique historical WPA walkways and buildings, including the 70 foot tall observation tower and education Rotary Castle.

Connecting Wildlife to You at the Washington Park Zoo!