Department of Cemeteries

Note: When contacting the Department of Cemeteries for information regarding an existing burial site, please have the approximate death date and full name of deceased. 

Spring Clean-Up Information

Notice to ALL grave, niche, and crypt owners at Swan Lake Memorial Gardens, Greenwood Cemetery, and Calvary Cemetery

Spring Cleanup will begin Friday, March 15, 2024. Please remove ALL DECORATIONS & SOLAR LIGHTS you wish to save. NONE WILL BE SAVED. You may re-decorate beginning WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22, 2024. Decoration Guide Rules are strictly enforced.

Fall Clean-Up Information

Greenwood and Calvary Cemetery - WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2024
Swan Lake Memorial Gardens - WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2024

FALL CLEAN-UP lasts one week.

Greenwood Cemetery

153 Tilden Avenue
Michigan City, IN 46360
Phone: (219) 873-1521

Established in 1863, dedicated by Mayor H.H. Roberts on August 14, 1864, and named Greenwood Cemetery by Common Council resolution on October 22, 1864.

There are four cemeteries within Greenwood Cemetery. These include Greenwood proper, Sinai Cemetery (Jewish), Calvary Cemetery (Catholic), and the Islamic Cemetery.

Swan Lake Memorial Gardens

5700 East US Highway 20
Michigan City, IN 46360
Phone: (219) 873-1522
Fax:   (219) 873-1431

Established in 1953. There are four garden areas - Peace, Good Shepherd, Cross, and Resurrection & Christus - and two mausoleums. 

  1. Cemeteries

    Physical Address
    5700 East US Highway 20
    Michigan City, IN 46360

    Fax: (219) 873-1431