Refuse & Recycling

The Refuse Department collects trash, garbage, yard waste, leaves and compost throughout the City of Michigan City. Public and employee safety as well as environmental protection are of paramount importance.

All refuse must be placed in City-issued trash collection containers called toters.

Refuse Collection

Household Hazardous Waste or “HHW” are not allowed to be put out with the trash. 

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the average household disposes of one pound of hazardous waste each year. HHW are unwanted products that contain corrosive, toxic, ignitable, or reactive ingredients that require special care upon disposal. 

Examples of improper HHW disposal methods include:

Pouring them down the drain, on the ground, into storm sewers; burning them; flushing them down the toilet; burying them; dumping them in vacant lots or in ditches; or putting them out with your trash. The dangers of these disposal methods might not be apparent, but improper disposal can contaminate lakes, rivers, streams, and groundwater (located below the ground before it goes to a river, stream or well); pollute the air with dangerous fumes; or put your City Refuse Department personnel and landfill workers at risk for serious injury.

Learn more about managing HHW. (link to county household hazardous waste page (

Yard waste and/or compost must be placed in 32-gallon or less capacity plastic garbage containers, cardboard boxes, and/or paper bags. Consider safety when loading and placing containers at curbside since Refuse Department loaders manually lift yard waste containers into the compost truck hopper. PLASTIC BAGS cannot be used since they do not decompose. Do not use 32-gallon wheeled containers (TOTERS) since they are too heavy and difficult to manually lift when filled and can cause injury to loaders.   

Leaf collections are made continuously within the city limits throughout the season until all leaves are removed. Please make sure each leaf pile is free of contamination such as rocks, sticks, branches, trash, and pumpkins that could cause injury or equipment damage.   

Drive Safely-Please watch out for children playing in leaf piles.

Fallen trees, stumps, dead trees, cut branches, and brush are collected by the Street Department. Contact the Street Department at

Curbside residential recycling service is available to all residents through the LaPorte County Solid Waste District.

Environmental Violations

Environmental violations are not only unsightly, but they can be serious health and safety hazards. It is against City Ordinance for properties to contain:

  • Uncollected trash, garbage, litter, or debris
  • Demolition remains
  • Appliances or furniture in the yard
  • Auto parts and scrap metal
  • Grass over 6 inches tall
  • Fallen trees, stumps, dead trees, and cut brush

For questions about trash, garbage, litter or debris, please contact the Refuse Department.
For questions regarding grass, brush, and trees please contact Vector Control.

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