Animal Control Board

The Animal Control Board shall be comprised of five members. The presence of three members of the board shall be necessary to constitute a quorum. Membership on the board shall be established as follows:

  1. The chief of police or his/her designee, to be appointed by the mayor;
  2. The director of the Animal Control Department;
  3. A member of the board of directors of the Michiana Humane Society, to be appointed by the Common Council;
  4. A licensed veterinarian to be appointed by the mayor; and
  5. A member of the Common Council appointed by the Common Council.

Terms of board members.

The members of the Animal Control Board shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority and each member shall serve until a qualified successor is duly appointed. The initial term of appointment shall be as follows:

  1. Mayoral appointments. One for one year. One for two years, and one for three years;
  2. Common Council appointments. The humane society appointment shall be for three years, the common council member shall be an annual appointment;
  3. Each term expires on the first Monday in January of the appropriate years and following the initial appointments, all terms shall be for a period of three years.

Meetings: 6:00 PM on the first Thursday following each quarter.

Current Members

Chief Dave Cooney, Chief of Services
serves by virtue of position

Ms. Karen Edwards, City Council Appointment
term expires: 02-21-2024

Dr. Rex Bailey, DVM
term expires: 02-03-2024

Jacqueline Euler, Michigan City Animal Control
Serves by virtue of position

Chad Denham, Michigan City Animal Control
Serves by virtue of position

Nicole Fletcher, Michigan City Animal Control
Serves by virtue of position

Michael Mack, Michigan City Common Council