Commission on the Social Status of African-American Males

The Commission shall consist of fifteen (15) voting members. Each member shall be a resident of Michigan City and shall be appointed by the group or organization whom he/she represents within Michigan City unless otherwise specified herein below. Tee appointments shall be made as follows:

The mayor shall appoint seven (7) members to a two year term. Those seven appointments shall consist of members from the following groups as follows:

  1. Three appointments from the justice system;
  2. One member nominated by the county Labor coalitions;
  3. One member nominated by a neighborhood group association; and
  4. One member from a workforce development agency, career tech center or higher education institution
  5. One member chosen by the mayor

Eight (8) appointments shall be made by the Common Council of the City of Michigan City on a yearly basis and shall be members of or participants in the following groups and entities:

  1. One (1) from the Human Rights Commission
  2. One (1) from the Minority Health Partners
  3. One (1) from the Swanson Center
  4. One (1) from the Ministerial Associations
  5. One (1) Michigan City Resident Appointed by Common Council
  6. One (1) from the Michigan City Area Schools
  7. One (1) from the NAACP
  8. One (1) member of the Common Council Appointed by the Common Council

Meetings: 12:00 PM on the second Wednesday of the month in the Mayor's Conference Room at City Hall.

The Reverend Bill J. Ashley Memorial Education Scholarship.

Current Members

Mr. Marty Corley - Eastport Neighborhood Association
term expires: 01-01-2022
Mayor Appointment

Mrs. Joan Ganschow - Justice System
term expires: 01-01-2022
Mayor Appointment

Mr. Lester Norvell - Justice System
term expires: 03-01-2023
Mayor Appointment

Mr. Kenneth Fly - Chosen by Mayor
term expires: 01-01-2022
Mayor Appointment

Ms. Nila Williams - County Labor Coalition
term expires: 02-15-2023
Mayor Appointment

Mr. Walter "Tony" Cox - Justice System
term expires: 02-13-2023
Mayor Appointment

Mr. Kerry Hogan
term expires: 04-20-2023
Mayor Appointment

Pastor Jacarra Williams.
term expires: 02-15-2022
Ministerial Assoc.

Ms. Albertine Allen
term expires: 02-15-2022
Community Advocates of Northern Indiana

Mr. Willie Milsap
term expires: 02-15-2022
Swanson Center

Ms. LaTonya Troutman
term expires: 02-15-2022

Mr. Rodney McComick
term expires: 01-19-2022
Michigan City Resident

Pastor Dennis Carroll
term expires: 02-15-2022
Human Rights Department

Dr. Wendel McCollum
term expires: 02-16-2022

Ms. Tracie Tillman
Council Liaison