Housing Authority Board of Commissioners

The Housing Authority Board of Commissioners consists of up to seven members, appointed to four-year terms by the Mayor. Salaries paid to appointees are not paid by City funds.

Meetings: 4:30 PM on the third Monday of each month at the Housing Authority office.

Current Members

Ms. Carla Mock
term expires:04-24-2020

Ms. Yolanda Thomas-Davis
Vice Chairperson
term expires: 12-05-2020

Mr. Willie M. Lee
term expires: 06-01-2023

Ms. Doretha Sanders-Malone
term expires: 06-01-2023

Ms. Coleen Babb
term expires: 04-09-2020

Mr. Milton H. Malone
term expires: 06-01-2023

Mr. Lester Morvell
term expires: 09-1-2023

Mr. Nelson Pichardo
Board Attorney

Mr. Sean Fitzpatrick
Council Liaison