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WHO WE ARE > > The Michigan City Public Art Committee and Art Fund were established in 2011 through the City Council.  Our purpose is to create an identity that celebrates Michigan City’s unique historical, cultural and natural resources.

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The Public Art Committee consists of up to eleven voting members, appointed to three-year terms. Ten of the members are appointed by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of City Council; and one member is appointed by the City Council. To be eligible to serve as a member, the individual must have an affiliation with the City, which may be established by either owning real estate in the city, residing in the city, or maintaining employment within a business located in the city. In addition, the eleven members of the committee are chosen from the following disciplines:

  • One Mayoral appointment from the Lubeznik Center for the Arts;
  • One Mayoral appointment of an engineer or architect;
  • One Council member elected by the council with due consideration to be given to the recommendation or request of the current Public Art Committee members;
  • One Mayoral appointment from Purdue University;
  • One Mayoral appointment from the LaPorte County Convention & Visitors Bureau;
  • One Mayoral appointment from the City Park Department;
  • One Mayoral appointment from the City Public Library;
  • Two Mayoral appointments from the arts community; and
  • Two Mayoral appointments of at-large members of the community that have demonstrated knowledge of public art, education, or community affairs.

Duties and Responsibilities
The purpose of the Michigan City Public Art Program is to strengthen the positive reputation of the community, enhance its natural resources, coordinate an artistic vision and enrich the lives of its citizens, the business community, and visitors throughout Michigan City.

  • To enhance the visibility of Michigan City
  • To use public art as a means to further the community’s sense of spirit and pride
  • Contribute to cultural tourism through public art
  • Promote distinctive and diverse artwork that will contribute to the texture of the community
  • Integrate public art concepts into the community
  • Give visual expression to cultural diversity
  • Ensure public art is accessible to all individuals including those with special needs

Current Members

Robin Kohn
Term expires: 02/28/2026
Michigan City Public Library

Matt Kubik
Term expires: 02/28/2026

Shannon Eason
Term expires: 02/28/2026
Parks and Recreation Department

Jane Daley
Term expires: 02/28/2026
Member at Large

Janet Bloch
Term expires 03/01/2024
Lubeznik Center for the Arts

Don Przybylinski
Term expires: 02/28/26
Representative of Michigan City Common Council 

CarolAnn Brown
Term expires: 02/28/2026
Member of the Art Community

Dale Cooper
Term expires: 01/01/2025
Convention & Visitors Bureau

Judy Jacobi
Term expires: 02/28/2026
Purdue University

Kathy Dennis 
Term expires: 02/28/2026
Member of the Art Community

John Ryszka II 
Term expires: 01/01/2025
Member At Large