Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of up to nine members, appointed to four-year terms. Five members are appointed by the Mayor; one is appointed by the Board of Public Works and Safety; one is a member of the Parks and Recreation Board; and one is appointed by City Council. The City Engineer serves by virtue of his/her position. Appointees are paid $50 per meeting attended, with a maximum of $600 paid annually.

Meetings: 6:00 PM on the fourth Tuesday of each month in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

Current Members

Mr. Fred Klinder 
term expires: 05-03-2026
Mayoral Appointment

Ms. Geraldine McCabe-Miele
term expires: 01-01-2024
Board of Works Appointment

Mr. Phil Latchford
term expires: 12-31-2023
Park Department Appointment

Mr. Ross Balling
term expires: 05-03-2027
Mayoral Appointment

Mr. Bryant Dabney
City Council Appointment

Mr. Lawrence Zimmer
term expires: 01-01-2024
Mayoral Appointment

Mr. Daniel Granquist
term expires: 05-05-2025
Mayoral Appointment 

Ms. Rose Tejeda
term expires: 01-01-2026
Mayoral Appointment 

Mr. Steve Hale
Board Attorney