Police Civil Service Commission

The Police Civil Service Commission consists of three members known and designated as the civilian members. One civilian member is appointed by the Mayor for a one-year term; one is appointed by City Council for a two-year term; and one is appointed upon nomination by the active membership of the Police Department and appointment by the Mayor for a three-year term. The civilian members are resident voters of the City and persons of good moral character. A salary of $1,800 is paid annually to appointees for sitting on this board.

Meetings: 11:00 AM on the second Wednesday of each month in the Community Room at the Michigan City Police Department.

  1. Mike Budda Police Commissioner

    Mike Buda

  1. Michael Palmer Police Commissioner

    Michael Palmer

  1. John Pliske Police Commissioner

    John Pliske

Mr. Michael Buda
term expires: 09-07-2020
Council Appointee

Mr. John Pliske
term expires: 09-27-2021
FOP Appointee

Mr. Michael Palmer
term expires: 09-15-2020
Mayoral Appointee

Mr. Gene Simmons
Council Liaison

Mr. Chuck Watterson
Commission Attorney