Water Works Board

The Water Board consists of up to five members, all of whom are residents of the waterworks district, appointed to staggered four-year terms by the Mayor. A salary of $3,600 is paid to appointees for sitting on this board.

Meetings: 7:00 PM on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month in the Main Office of the Department of Water Works.

Current Members

Mr. Andrew Sperling
term expires: 06-30-2026

Mr. Ken Behrendt
term expires: 06-30-2024

Ms Diane Gonzales
term expires: 06-30-2024

Ms. Beth Pishkur
term expires: 06-30-2027

Mr. Davis Bush
term expires: 6-30-2027

Ms. Dalia Zygas
Council Liaison

Mr. Christopher Johnsen

Mr. Barry McDonnell
Board Attorney