Parks & Recreation Board

The Parks & Recreation Board consists of up to four members, appointed to four-year terms by the Mayor. A salary of $1,800 is paid annually to appointees for sitting on this board.

Meetings: 5:00 PM on the first and third Wednesday of each month in the Council Chambers at City Hall. 

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Parks & Recreation Board is responsible for the oversight of the Parks & Recreation Department, providing general supervision; providing budget oversight; establishing rules governing the department, the parks and recreation facilities; and making recommendations to the Mayor concerning the operation of the board and the status of park and recreation programs in the district.

Current Members

Mr. Philip Freese 
2024 President
Sixth term Starts: 01-04-2021 expires: 01-06-2025

Ms. Diane Sperling
2024 Vice President
First term Starts: 01-04-2022 expires: 01-05-2026

Mr. Timothy Glidden
2024 Secretary
First term Starts: 01-03-2023 expires: 01-04-2027

Roscoe Hoffman
First term Starts: 01-01-2024 expires: 01-03-2028