City Forester

The City Forester oversees all planned tree work in the city, in collaboration with the Street Department, Planning Department, and Central Maintenance. The Forester works to ensure the sustainability and safety of city trees by assessing existing tree health, and providing sustainable selection of future tree species plantings.

Trees provide environmental and aesthetic benefits to current residents and will be a valuable asset for generations to come. Not only do they shade our streets and sidewalks, our city trees filter pollutants from our air, intercept stormwater runoff reducing erosion, cool the air, and store carbon. Studies have shown that trees provide a feeling of community, slow traffic when planted near the street and increase property values by up to 20 percent.

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Tree Planting & Cutting

A tree permit is required for any person, business or organization (public or private) desiring to remove, prune and/or plant trees on public property or city-owned rights-of-way.