Michigan City Transit 

Michigan City Transit is a team of transportation professionals committed to providing high-quality public transportation and Para-Transit services to the citizens of Michigan City in a safe, dependable, and courteous manner. 

Ride the WaveSafety First
Mutual Respect
Respect for the Community We Serve

Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations every time, every ride. 

Press Release - Public Open-Door Meeting

Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP)

Safety Hazard Report Form

Fares & Monthly Passes

Individual Fares
Ages 5 and Under
Regular Fare
Senior Citizens w/ I.D. (60 years old)
Students (6-18 years old)

Monthly Fare Passes*
Full Fare
Senior Citizens with ID (60 years or older)
Students (6-18 years old)
College Students (inside the City Limits)

Half Fare: In order to qualify for Half fare, you must show one of these types of ID’s: Driver’s License, State ID, Medicare Card, or an ADA Eligibility Card.

*Monthly passes are available for purchase in the Controller's Office at City Hall.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM CST
Saturday: 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM CST
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM CST

How to Ride Michigan City Transit

Dump the PumpMichigan City Transit strives to ensure the safety of all its passengers, operators and the general public. Our operators do their best to follow the posted schedules in order for you to arrive at your destination safely and on time; however, on occasion, unforeseen circumstances will cause delays. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. 

Michigan City Transit buses will stop at any designated stops along the route or any major intersection along the route as long as it is safe to do so. No stops on Franklin Street will be made other than those designated as a stop.

Be sure to be visible to the operator as the bus approaches, clearly signal to the operator that you wish to board. 

As a courtesy, take a moment to see if anyone is disembarking. 

Please be careful boarding and watch your step. 

Please take your seat immediately after boarding. 

You must store your bags, packages, carts, strollers etc. in your lap or under your seat. 

You will only be allowed to board with the amount of personal property you are able to carry boarding one time. 

Do not block aisles and doorways. 

To exit the bus signal the operator by pulling the cord as you approach your stop.  Please remain seated until the bus comes to a stop and watch your step as you get off the bus.

Stand back and wait for the bus to leave the stop.


Michigan City Transit will make reasonable modifications to our service, to accommodate passengers with a disability upon request. Requests can be made by calling the office at (219) 873-1502.

Click here for a complete list of Passenger Guidelines

NOTICE: Policy of Portable Breathing Aids

Portable oxygen supplies and respirators are permitted on board ADA Paratransit with proper notification. Oxygen tanks must be secured so they do not move during transport. Information about the use of this equipment must be provided to the scheduler when scheduling service.

Service Animals and Pets

Only service animals are welcome aboard Michigan City Transit vehicles. A service animal is any guide dog, or other animal trained to perform tasks for an individual with a disability. Service animals are not pets. They are working animals that are specially trained to provide assistance. To travel on a Michigan City Transit vehicle, a service animal must:

  • Remain at its person’s feet or on their lap, and may not sit on a vehicle seat
  • Not show aggressive tendencies towards people.
  • Must be restrained and under control at all times.
  1. Transit Service

    Mailing Address
    1801 Kentucky Street
    Michigan City, IN 46360

    Fax: (219) 873-1565