Vector Control

The Vector Control Department works to to ensure compliance with laws and regulations that protect public health and prevent vector-borne disease. 

The department is responsible for:

  • Surveying, monitoring and controlling mosquito populations within the city
  • Maintenance and cutting of tall grasses on city easements
  • Abatement of overgrowth on abandoned properties
  • Litter cleanup in public spaces

If you have concerns about mosquito control, overgrowth, or litter,
please click here to Report A Concern.

Fight the Bite!
Mosquito Prevention and Eradication

Begin in your own backyard
Eliminate any standing water. Flower pots, gutters and toys all serve as catch places for stagnant water and need to be emptied regularly. Clean leaves from gutters to prevent the "ideal breeding ground" for mosquitoes. Keep yards trimmed and bushes cut back to stop hiding places for mosquitoes.

Spraying for mosquitos
Please be advised, our drivers are not allowed to run the sprayer when people are present. If you are outside when the spray trucks come by, our drivers are instructed to turn the sprayers off. We spray 6 nights per week during breeding season, as weather permits.

Environmental Violations

Environmental violations are not only unsightly, but they can be serious health and safety hazards. It is against City Ordinance for properties to contain:

  • Uncollected trash, garbage, litter, or debris
  • Demolition remains
  • Appliances or furniture in the yard
  • Auto parts and scrap metal
  • Grass over 6 inches tall
  • Fallen trees, stumps, dead trees, and cut brush

For questions about trash, garbage, litter or debris, please contact the Refuse Department.
For questions regarding grass, brush, and trees please Contact Us.

Click here to Report A Concern

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