Urban Enterprise Association Business Grant Program

The Michigan City Urban Enterprise Association (MCUEA) desires to financially assist Michigan City Urban Enterprise Zone resident businesses in promoting their brick and mortar business and aiding in the exterior and interior rehabilitation of their building or property. This includes signage and machinery and equipment purchased for use in their main business purpose. It also includes building improvements to upgrade, promote structural integrity and enhance the customer experience. Funds are available in the form of a grant to all qualifying applicants. The MCUEA will reimburse 50% of the eligible costs not to exceed $7,500.

The MCUEA Business Grant Program is intended to assist in the overall plan for the City, promote visual improvements, historic preservation, structural integrity, boost the quality of product and enhance the customer experience within the Michigan City Urban Enterprise Zone business boundaries.

In order to participate, the business and its improvement must be physically located and operating within the Michigan City Urban Enterprise Zone. The applicant will file the required paperwork and submit it to the Grant Committee prior to the start of the work. The Committee will review and notify the applicant of approval in a timely fashion. Applicants will receive a rebate upon successful completion of the work after providing applicable receipts.