Artist Proposals

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The Michigan City Public Art Committee (MAC) welcomes proposals for art projects that celebrate Michigan City’s unique historical, cultural and natural resources. MAC grants do not exceed $2,000 per project.

At this time MAC is only accepting proposals for artworks to be displayed on City property. MAC does not fund performing arts. Proposals will be accepted online, or by mail or hand delivery to the Lubeznik Center for the Arts, addressed to the attention of MAC.

Checklist for Submissions

  • Project narrative 250-400 words, not to exceed 1 page; explain proposed project
  • Bios of all artists involved
  • 5-7 jpegs (this may include details) of previous completed works related to proposal, image sizes between 500 and 800 kb, 200 dpi on a CD
  • When proposing new work, provide sketches of the work/installation and samples of previous work that best show your ability and the project or vision
  • Resume with relevant art experience and exhibition history
  • Budget that indicates both income and expenses broken down by line items; include in-kind and other funding sources. If expenses are greater than grant amount, explain how those expenses will be met
  • Timeline of project’s start and completion
  • Applications must be submitted on or by the first of each month.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered

Review of Submissions

  • All submissions are first reviewed by the MAC governing committee to make sure all criteria are met. If the proposal meets the criteria, it will be sent to a sub-committee. If the proposal does not meet the criteria in these guidelines, the artist will be notified.
  • Sub-committee will make a recommendation to the MAC governing committee
  • Notification will be made 60 > 90 days of submission date (so plan accordingly).

Click to submit online