Trash Pickup

Regular Trash Pickup

Sanitary District Trash ContainerTrash Pickup Guidelines:

  • Trash Must be out by 7:00 AM on service day and within two feet of the alley or curb. If no alley exists, then use the curb/street line.
  • Trash must be placed in City-issued container called a Toter. 
  • All trash must fit within the City-issued container.
  • All items placed in your City-issued container should be bagged.
  • If you have more trash than what fits in the City-issued container, please make sure it is neatly bagged and placed next to the City-issued container just prior to pick up.    
  • Any recyclable materials should be placed in your recycling container and will not be taken with regular trash. 
  • For winter months, City-issued containers must be free and clear of any snow. Toter cannot be emptied if it is frozen to the ground or other hard surface. 
  • City-issued containers must be accessible and not blocked by any vehicles.

Residences should keep garbage and recycling cans sealed. Putting lids on your garbage and recycling cans will prevent them from attracting bees, wasps, and hornets. It’s also a good idea to rinse them out periodically to keep them from building up the sweet sticky substances that attract stinging insects. 

In spring and early summer, wasps are attracted to protein foods. Any food left outdoors, such as pet food, picnic scraps, open garbage containers, or uncovered compost piles should be removed or covered. Wasps imprint food sources and will continue to search an area for some time after the food has been removed. 

In late summer and early fall, wasps turn their attention to sweet foods. Their behavior is also more aggressive. Open cans of pop, fruit juice, fallen apples beneath fruit trees, and other sweet food sources will attract wasps. Be sure to cover drinks and open food containers, keep a lid on the compost, and avoid walking barefoot near fruit trees. Remove any fallen fruit rotting on the ground.

For new residents in need of a City-issued container, or to request an additional container, please Contact Us.

Trash Violations:

All trash collection violators will receive a visit from the Refuse Department Inspector and will  be afforded the opportunity to remove the violation.

Refuse Violation 04All refuse bags MUST be placed in City-issued containers.

Refuse Violation 02Only City-issued containers may be used for trash collection. If you wish to dispose of old trash cans, please write/paint “TAKE ME” on the cans and they will be removed.

Refuse Violation 05Contact Us to arrange a special collection for large or extra pickups. Do not set these items out with your normal trash.

Large Item, Miscellaneous or Yard Waste Extra Pickup

Contact Refuse Department

Tires may be placed in a separate pile and the Refuse Department will collect them for recycling. Depending on the quantity there could be a charge to remove the tires. Please call and let us know the location and number of tires to be collected.  Contact Us

Missed Trash or Yard Waste Pickup Requests

Contact Refuse Department

Construction and Building Debris

DumpsterThe Refuse Department does not collect construction and/or building debris during regular trash pickup. Utilizing a dumpster for collection of building debris is required within city limits.

For more information on construction and building debris removal, please Contact Us.