Passenger Guidelines

Michigan City Transit is committed to provide safe, accessible, timely and professional services for our customers. We can provide such service only when our passengers respect and follow our safety and courtesy rules:

  • The driver is responsible for the safety and welfare of all passengers while on-board the transit vehicle. Therefore, the driver is in charge and the passengers are expected to comply with the instructions of the driver at all times. Passenger safety and welfare is contingent upon all passengers complying with these instructions.
  • Passengers are expected to act in a courteous manner at all times while on-board the vehicle. Any passenger who is verbally and/or physically abusive to other passengers or to the driver will be asked to exit the vehicle immediately.
  • If a vehicle is seat belt equipped and a passenger fails to buckle up, the driver will ask them to secure it before proceeding. Passengers with medical conditions will be offered an extension, but will not be required to wear the belt.
  • Never cross in front of or run along the side of a bus. (If the bus is moving you have missed the bus.)
  • Passengers are expected to pay their fares upon boarding the vehicle or show a valid pass to the driver. Drivers do not make change, exact fare is required.
  • Do not attempt to stand or exit the vehicle until it has come to a complete stop.
  • Passengers are expected to maintain control of their possessions while on the vehicle. Any item brought on-board must be stored underneath the seat or on your lap. The Michigan City Transit Department is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • In the event of an emergency, all passengers are to explicitly follow the instructions given by the driver. If an evacuation of the vehicle is deemed necessary, the driver will instruct all actions necessary.
  • Passengers are not permitted to consume food and drinks on-board any Transit vehicle.
  • Passenger may only carry on-board what can be carried on in one boarding.
  • All Michigan City Transit vehicles are tobacco free. Smoking and chewing tobacco are not permitted on any vehicle or inside any bus shelter.
  • No passenger is permitted to have an open alcoholic beverage container while on-board a Transit vehicle. The Michigan City Transit Department reserves the right of the driver to ask to see the contents of a package if he or she suspects that package may contain an open container of alcohol.
  • Illegal drugs are not permitted on a Transit vehicle at any time. Any person found in possession of such drugs will be immediately reported to law enforcement.
  • At the discretion of the driver any person intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs may or may not be permitted to ride the vehicle.
  • Any person using profane language towards the driver or other passenger may be asked to exit the vehicle.
  • Passengers are asked to maintain good personal hygiene so as not to offend other passengers.
  • Passengers are to refrain from horseplay or fighting on the vehicle. The driver will immediately stop the vehicle in the event of such an incident, will ask the passenger to exit the vehicle and will contact law enforcement if deemed necessary.
  • Weapons are not allowed on-board any vehicle at any time. A weapon is described as a firearm, knife, pipe, bar, club, blackjacks, brass knuckles, or any other device capable of causing bodily harm to another individual. Any person found in possession of a weapon will be immediately reported to law enforcement.
  • Service animals accompanying individuals with disabilities will be allowed to board the vehicle. No other animals are allowed.
  • Do not abuse or damage property or equipment.
  • Respect others-please no soliciting or panhandling.
  • Please let disabled persons, persons using wheelchairs and senior citizens use priority seating at the front of the bus.

Click here to download the complete passenger guidelines (PDF)