Initiation or Termination of Water Service

Any person, persons, firm, corporation, partnership, etc., requesting the initiation or termination of water service must come in-person to the office of the Department of Water Works at 532 Franklin Street in Michigan City, Indiana during normal business hours.

Initiating Service

To initiate service, you must come in person into the office to provide the Department with all pertinent information, and post required security deposit if applicable. The water will be turned-on at the curb stop and the meter will be installed and properly sealed. 


On November 7, 2017, the Michigan City Common Council adopted Ordinance 4455 creating Section 26-2 in Chapter 26 of the City Code to require new businesses to register with the Planning & Inspection Department prior to receiving water service. No new business will receive water service until a certificate of registration from the Planning & Inspection Department is provided to the Department of Water Works.

Terminating Service

To terminate service or to have an account finalized, you must provide the Department with all required information: 

  1. Name in which account is to be set up 
  2. Address of account 
  3. Mailing address (address where bill is to be sent) 
  4. Telephone number 
  5. Social Security number 
  6. Date and time for turn-on, shut-off, final 
  7. Post required security deposit, if applicable

If applicable, an accounts payable voucher can be signed for refund of deposit posted to account. 

The water will be shut-off at the curb stop and the meter will be removed to storage. 


All applicable service charges will apply as outlined in Chapter I, “Rates Governing Water Service, Article IV – Non Recurring Charges”, for the turn-on or shut-off of water service. In the event a customer has scheduled an appointment to have service turned-on or shut-off, once the service truck arrives and the customer cancels the appointment, the customer will be charged the applicable charges.