I want to connect to the Sanitary District main sewer line. How do I go about this?

If you know that a residential sewer line is available in the street or alley near the property, you can contact the Sanitary District office at 219-874-7799 to discuss sewer availability tap fees and how to obtain a tap permit. You may also be required, by City Ordinance, to contact the Michigan City Inspection Department for additional permits and requirements. The Sanitary District requires: 1) a valid tap permit prior to the connection to the District main line; 2) that the actual connection to the District's main line be done by a private sewer contractor who is licensed by the City of Michigan City; and 3) that the contractor or homeowner notify the Sanitary District, 874-7799 during regular business hours, for a tap inspection, before the excavation at the main line is back-filled. Failure to obtain the tap inspection may result in additional costs to the contractor or homeowner to re-excavate the tap. 

Industrial, commercial, or residential service out of the City limits should contact the Sanitary District at 219-874-7799, during regular business hours, to discuss sewer availability and/or capacity at the proposed location.

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