Tenant/Landlord Complaint Form

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In cases other than emergencies, the landlord/tenant should first inform the party in violation (preferably in writing) about the problem. If there is not a response within one week, then a formal complaint using this form should be filed with the Inspections Department.
Upon receipt of a formal complaint, the Code Enforcement Officer will schedule a visual inspection of complaints to determine Code/Ordinance violations. If any violations are observed at the time of inspection, the Code Enforcement Officer will instruct the non-compliant party to correct the violations. All violations, regardless of whose responsibility, will be documented. The non-compliant party will have between 10-30 days to correct all violations depending upon the life-safety element of the violation. The non-compliant party will receive a written Notice of Violation and a re-inspection must be scheduled before the expiration of the Notice to avoid citations.
After the Notice of Violation has expired, the Code Enforcement Officer will determine if the violations have been adequately resolved. If violations remain, the Code Enforcement Officer will do one or more of the following: (1) Schedule an Administrative Hearing with the Board of Public Works and Safety, (2) Issue Citations, or (3) Order Condemnation. In some instances, the inspector may grant an extension of up to two weeks prior to the hearing. A re-inspection will be scheduled shortly before the Hearing date.
Most violations are abated after the initial inspection. However, if the violation has caused hardship or a reduction of services, the landlord/tenant may also seek legal recourse through civil court at their own expense.
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